KGS has two broad product categories under its ™Greenamax Patented brand.

1)  Soil / Seed Application Product – The product can be used to treat seeds pre-sowing and / or to apply to the soil at an early germination stage.

2)  Foliar Application Product – The product is to be used as a foliar spray with two recommended applications. First application is to be done at an early vegetative stage and the second application is recommended before flowering. Both products currently have three variants, one each for grain, fruits and vegetables.

3) KGS/GMX R&D is developing further product advances and new product categories under its Greenamax registered brand.


Over a decade of Research & Development to Revolutionize Plant Productivity

Traditional farming practices employ heavy application rates of chemical fertilizers, which are damaging the soil, polluting ground water, and harming the atmosphere at an unprecedented rate

Over ten years of advanced biosciences research and development, and kgsagro.com_product3hundreds of field test results in major global markets with farmers and universities, KGS Agro Group has developed a revolutionary sustainable Patented and patent- pending agriculture technology

KGS/GMX technology is a natural biological process developed through advanced nano-molecular biosciences research in the field of cancer treatments utilizing organic compounds for the production of protein biosynthesis. KGS technology stimulates plant development naturally and optimizes growth. Biological messengers stimulate seed germination and increase root volume and length. In addition, endophytes increase results in greater intake of atmospheric nitrogen

KGS/GMX technology involves combining dilution of a growth  activation signals simulating toxic signals with a nutrient-containing delivery medium to form a plant growth enhancing substance that induces plant growth and reproduction, while conferring resistance to drought, heat and ultraviolet light exposure on treated plants

KGS/GMX Products are easy to use and compatible across agricultural practices. The products can be used on a range of soil type, climatic conditions and crops. This provides a large target customer base ranging from a smallholder marginal farmer in Africa to a million hectare commercial farm in Latin America