Benefits & Research

Mahatma-Phule-Krishi-Vidyapeeth-AdmissionMahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth – University in Rahuri, India
Test Results of KGS AGRO Product : GMX – Greenamax
Sponsored by: M/s. Ritika Research Labs Private Limited,
Conducted & Reported by: Senior Vegetable Breeder All India Coordinated Research Project, On Vegetable Crops, M.P.K.V., Rahuri.

Results are available upon request.

More Information:

  • 1000+ global field trials including independent research institutions have demonstrated an average of 20%+ yield increases. KGS has been vetted by some of the largest commercial farms in Brazil. Trials with the Clinton Foundation in Africa and our smallholder farmer trials in India have produced even greater results at upto 50%+ increases in cotton, soybean and maize yields.
  • Additional benefits include up improved nutritional content such as protein enhancement, and drought resistance in plants.
  • KGS products are organic-safe, improves soil microbial activity and do not require additional tools or equipment. This is a major benefit as there are no farm technology break-throughs in modern times with the level of productivity enhancement as KGS without any capital expenditure by farms or significant changes in farming practices. KGS technology is fully compatible with existing farm practices.
  • KGS Technology has potential to increase farm production dramatically while improving soil ecology. KGS helps fix nitrogen in the soil and makes more productive use of the available fertilizer and micronutrient supply in the soil.
  • A high benefit to cost ratio allows for profitability to all stakeholders, particularly farmers who can double their income.
  • KGS is currently focusing on the following regions globally – Brazil, India, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, Africa, China & USA, with an aim to develop each market with free trials and demonstration for first two years, before commercially selling the product.  The estimated global market potential for KGS Technology exceeds US$10 billion.
  • Market development and commercial sales are carried through one or more master distributors per country Market development activity in Brazil started in 2013, followed by India in 2014, China in 2015 and Australia 2016. We have started commercially selling in Brazil and aim to start commercial sales in India in 2017.  We already have large revenue contracts in place in new markets such as China.
  • KGS products are organic safe and do not require any FDA license. The products are already registered in more than 30 US states, and are registrated in Brazil, Mexico and Australia registration for India & China is in process.
  • KGS has also been developing a seed coating technology and is currently working with a Global Top 3 Seed company for Seed Coating applications.